Last week one of our group was invited to the local horse charity, Katie’s Cradle. They have been in Bridge of Allan for around 18 months and are based at Parkhead, which is the area across the road from Pendreich car park.

Here’s a little about the Charity…

About Katie’s Cradle

“At Katie’s Cradle we work with people and horses who have had difficult lives, bringing them together in a mutually beneficial environment to develop empathy, communication and confidence, and ultimately, to change their lives.

Katie’s Cradle rescues horses who would otherwise have been euthanised due to severe behavioural problems. We work with only a small number of horses and we give them a permanent, stable and settled home. We address their health needs, which can be very severe as many of the horses who come to us have been neglected for months or even years. We then put in a programme of rehabilitation and support to gradually introduce the horses to people.”

They have 12 horses there just now, plus a goat and 2 sheep. Their small team are so dedicated that there is always someone with the horses 24 hours a day staying in a little caravan next to the stables.

These guys are very keen to connect with the community, and have big plans to work with young people and veterans too.

Sharon, their founder is an incredible person.. she has a wealth of experience and a huge heart. The main problem they are facing is that she is doing so many roles within the charity, therefore finding it’s difficult to ‘get out there’ to allow things to grow.

Right now, they are looking for committee members and volunteers to help them out. They would welcome a Treasurer and Secretary as well as someone to help with fundraising.

We will be organising for Shaaron to attend a future CC meeting to discuss the charity work further.

Check out their website here for more info.