Dear residents we need your help to work together to stop dog fouling.
We are launching our second campaign in three years and need your help.  Following on from the S*Hit Squad campaign back in 2021 where children from Lecropt Nursery designed posters, and many residents were involved in placing and stocking bag dispensers around the village.  However the issue of people not picking up after their dog continues to be an issue that frustrates many residents who get in touch with us. 
We have spoken to the local dog warden to ask advice after complaints from residents.  They are keen to help us as a community tackle this and suggested a poster campaign is a good start.
We are hoping that a playful reminder to those out walking their dog to pick up from the mythical Dog Poo Fairy will encourage them to be responsible.  So look out for these posters going up around the village. 
Are there target areas you think this reminder is most needed? Do you sometimes get caught short without a bag?  If you notice an area with problematic dog fouling you can report it to Stirling Council using this online form
So if you have an issue with dog fouling on your street, or you have any suggestions on what can be done to stop this, we’d love to hear from you.
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