Bridge of Allan Common Good Fund

The Common Good Fund

Background Information

The Bridge of Allan Common Good Fund (CGF) was established after the sale of the Museum Hall, and is held as a fund available for worthy causes in the community. Applications for awards from the CGF can be made to Stirling Council’s Provost’s Panel, which will take a decision on whether to award any funding and also the value of funding to be awarded.

As part of the consultation process undertaken by the Provost’s Panel, Bridge of Allan Community Council (BOA CC) is formally consulted on any applications made for award from the CGF.  If you are not sure if the Common Good Fund is the right funding for you after looking at the available guidance, then get in touch to talk over your project and get advice:

Make an Application

  1. The application to Stirling Council can be make via completing a web form on this page
  2. Complete the Bridge of Allan Community Council application form (Download the Application Form here)
  3. Send the completed CC form to our secretary  at

Our application form has been designed to allow applicants to present their request for funding in the best light, and also to provide us with a consistent form of information to support our assessment.  Take a look at our guidance sheet which will help explain the parts of the application form to make sure all the information is included.

How Applications will be assessed

Any application will be assessed on its merits based on the information provided. Any such assessments will be formally considered and recorded at the relevant BOA CC Monthly Meeting, and the outcome will be sent to the Provost’s Panel in the form of the community council consultation form refered to on the Council’s website.

Our assesment uses a scoring system based around seven categories that we view as reflecting overall benefit to the community, and best use of the funds.  

Where possible Bridge of Allan Community Council will aim to consider all applications within six weeks of receipt. This timescale is to allow time for discussion on the application, and a decision to be scheduled at one of the formal monthly Community Council meetings.

Application dates for 2024 

The dates below refer to the date of submission of a community council support form and Stirling Council Application form to Stirling Council’s Civic Panel

Submission deadline

Decision made by Civic Panel

Friday 22nd December 2023

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Friday 23rd February 2024

Thursday 25th April 2024

Friday 26th April 2024

Thursday 20th June 2024

Monday 29th July 2024

Thursday 17th September 2024

Friday 20th September 2024

Tuesday 12th November 2024

Friday 20th December 2024

Thursday 20th February 2025

Friday 14th February 2025

Thursday 24th April 2025

Friday 18th April 2025

Thursday 19th June 2025

Monday 14th July 2025

Tuesday 16th September 2025

Friday 19th September 2025

Tuesday 18th November 2025

Past Applications and Awards

Feb 22nd 2024 – Approval of £1400 for the Dr Welsh Trust to develop a website


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