Many have enjoyed walking, wheeling and cycling for work, school and leisure over the past year. Stirling Council would like to capture some of these positive walking, wheeling and cycling stories in a report that’s being produced this year. If you know someone that has a positive story to tell, please do get in touch with Andrew Scoles ( by Wednesday 12th May for more information.

Sustrans’ project, currently known as Bike Life, is a big-picture report into walking and cycling in 18 cities across the UK. Formerly with a primary focus on cycling, the project is expanding in 2021 to include more information on what it’s like to be a pedestrian or wheelchair user in the city too.

They are looking for

  • Anyone with a personal story and/or a lot to say around active travel in Stirling and BofA
  • Someone who engages in a reasonable amount of active travel in Stirling and BofA. This may be for work or volunteering purposes, to encourage others within the community to cycle, or as a fundamental way to get around as part of their daily life
  • Someone with an inspiring story about how active travel helped them improve part of their life
  • We especially encourage participation by people from ethnic minorities, those from diverse racial backgrounds, those who have a disability, those on lower incomes, people with protected characteristics and those who wouldn‘t class themselves a  stereotypical” cyclist or walker for any reason.

You will be asked to give some time to tell your story and get your photo taken.  Get in touch with Andrew Scoles ( by Wednesday 12th May for more information.