Stirling Council will shortly be embarking on a consultation on a Community Parking Management Plan (CPMP) for Bridge of Allan and have set up a steering group in order to assist with the process. We have nominated two of our members to sit onboard that CPMP Steering Group. Stirling Council expect to commence the formal consultation process for the Bridge of Allan CPMP in October, and will be contacting the Community Council prior to this to ask whether they would like to meet, formally or informally, to go through the CPMP process and answer any questions.

The results of the parking survey that was undertaken by the Community Council in 2018 will provide useful background information. Stirling Council will also be undertaking a robust evidence collection exercise as part of the CPMP process via consultation with the community, and other key stakeholders and the commissioning of a parking survey.

We have invited representatives from Stirling council to attend our September meeting to provide us with an overview of what the objectives of the CPMP  process is and how they will approach it. We’ll keep posting updates of the how the process is going.