Some two years ago, the Community Council purchased the red phone box at the top of Inverallan Road. We’ve touched on the subject of what to do with it several times and made a bit of progress on the item but, sadly, it is now hanging on to the agenda like a bad smell and we would really like to get some action on it.

What we’d primarily like to establish is this. Would you, the wider Community, want to retain the phone box, in some form, in the village? If so, what purpose do you see it serving?

We’ve batted a few ideas around and we had gotten as far as it potentially being moved into the centre of the village and used as an information hub to contain leaflets, maps and local notices. It’s also been mooted as a book swap hub and most recently it was suggested as a food bank.

None of the above are set in stone though and we’d really love to hear your suggestions.

If there is an appetite to keep the box we’d be looking to set up a group to help with the work needed to get the project completed. The phone box is in poor condition just now so we would need both creative and skilled and enthusiastic folks to help with the refurbishment of the box and the potential fit out. An initial list would be the following:

  1. We think the box has been disconnected from the power by BT but we’d welcome confirmation from a suitably qualified electrician. 
  2. The glazing panels are damaged with many having been replaced with perspex. We’d like to discuss the best way forward to rectify this so someone with glazing skills would be a huge help.
  3. There may be the need to move the box into the village so we’d need assistance both with construction of a new base for the box as well as moving it to a new location.
  4. Eventually, there would be a fitout required in order to suits whatever new role it is to play.

There’s a bit to think about but we would ask for your thoughts on whether it could provide a tangible use in the village in the first instance. We look forward to hearing from you.


Bridge of Allan Community Council