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Update on the proposed closure of the Avenue Park play area.

posted 23 Apr 2014, 11:50 by Communications TEAM

The proposed closure of the Avenue Park play area by Stirling Council was announced at the Community Council meeting on Tuesday 15th April.  Subsequent to this announcement Gavin Drummond, Chair of the Community Council, along with Councillors Graham Houston and Mark Ruskell met with Stirling Council Officers to discuss the proposal.
Stirling Council advised that a number of factors have contributed to the decision to close the facility. It was emphasised that the decision to propose closure was not based solely on the fact that the play area is situated on ground owned by UCP over which the Council do not hold a lease, although this was a major factor. Other factors included the poor condition of the site, the lack of access for vehicles and machinery, the lack of equipment and the poor condition of what equipment that is on site all contributed to the decision.

Stirling Council have now been requested to postpone closure pending consultation with the community and the Council await a response from UCP to this request.  The Council have also been urged to consider other options and we are hopeful that Council Officers will attend the Community Council meeting on the 20th May.  The Community Council and residents can then hear at first hand the reasons for closure and options that might be considered to retain a play facility in the area.
In the meantime Stirling Council have confirmed that the Chicken Run and the White Bridge are classed as Right’s of Way. Removing the play area should have no bearing on the rights of access exercised over the footpath and bridge.  If the landowner took steps to obstruct access we are advised that Stirling Council would have statutory powers to require removal of the obstruction to ensure that the rights continued.

The Community Council hopes that this goes some way to clarifying the current situation.