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Upcoming Priority Based Budgeting Events

posted 6 Nov 2016, 08:36 by Communications TEAM

Priority Based Budgeting was introduced to Stirling Council for the financial year 2014 - 15. The process involves officers preparing options for savings and investment which are then prioritised by communities, the voluntary sector, the private sector and employees. All feedback is recorded and presented, along with the budget options, to elected members for consideration and approval at the budget meeting in February of each year. It has been the case each year that suggestions from the community have been worked up as options to be considered by elected members. It has also been the case that options have been rejected based on the feedback from the community and other stakeholders.

The PBB approach is a transparent method of financial decision making allowing the Council to plan for changes in an organised way.

It has been running for three years now  - PBB1 (14/15) PBB2 (15/16) and PBB3 (16/17).

The purpose of the event is to provide information on the progress from the first three years of PBB, provide information on the approach to be taken for PBB4 (17/18), give people the opportunity to say what has worked well and where we need to improve. At the session we are keen to learn from our communities – how do we engage and involve more people, are we addressing the needs and priorities of our citizens and communities and are we using all of the resources available to best effect.

The events are open to any member of the community, any business in your area, any voluntary/community organisation in your area.  I would urge as many Community Councillors as possible to attend. The sessions are being held in 4 of the High Schools across the Council area but you are not restricted to attending the one at Wallace. If you are unable to attend the event at Wallace, you can book on to any of the other events.