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Sewer Upgrade - Strathallan Games Park

posted 23 Jan 2017, 03:58 by Communications TEAM
We've received an update from Scottish Water on the new sewer being added in at the Strathallan Games Park.

"The replacement of the existing sewer within the Strathallan Park area has commenced on site. This project comprises replacement of a length of approximately 200m of existing pipework with a new 300mm diameter pipe. The benefits of this new larger diameter pipeline will be to reduce the risk of future blockages occurring in the locality. Iā€™m sure you will appreciate that with any pipe conveyance system, even a new one, there cannot be a guarantee that a blockage will not occur. However, with the provision of this new pipeline the Scottish Water network in the locality will then be what is classified as a Grade 1 asset which is the best condition achievable."