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Road Repairs and How to Report Potholes to Stirling Council

posted 11 May 2017, 08:45 by Communications TEAM
Following concerns recently raised by a resident in relation to the state of repair of Inverallan Road, we have had the following useful update from Roads and Land Services at Stirling Council regarding how road repairs are planned and also how to contact Stirling Council if you wish to report potholes.

" Within the Councils 1000km network you can imagine the competing needs of various sections of road and footways requiring repair and major surfacing works. The service has just completed its work programme for this year and would be happy to share this with you. These works are identified through a number of road surveys undertaken by both mechanical and officer inspections in conjunction with the classification of the road type and availability of financial resources. This provides the data that allows the service to make the best informed decisions on what section of road is in the poorest condition and the most effective means to address the defect.
In addition to this capital programme, we also provide an active response to reported defects and pothole repairs that are logged via the Council Contact Centre or Tel No 01786 404040. This should be considered the most appropriate means to report a pothole requiring repair."