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Proposed Local Development Plan response.

posted 4 Dec 2012, 14:24 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 4 Dec 2012, 14:31 ]
The Community Council's response to the Proposed Local Development Plan has now been completed and lodged with Stirling Council.  Any residents who wish to make representations to Stirling Council with regard to the Proposed Local Development Plan should be aware that all responses must be lodged with Stirling Council by 5pm on Monday the 10th December.  The Community Council's response was as follows-

Bridge of Allan Community Council is deeply disappointed with the process run by Stirling Council in respect of the Local Development Plan.  We welcomed the opportunity to provide our view of the proposals in respect of the Draft LDP.  However during that consultation period there was considerable confusion with regard to the proposals for Airthrey Kerse.  This was not helped by the fact that at the main public event held by Stirling Council on the Draft LDP at Wallace High School, the Grahams shared the event with Stirling Council to promote their own master plan for Airthrey Kerse.  Further confusion has now arisen with the publication of the Proposed LDP as at first glance no development is proposed for Bridge of Allan/Airthrey Kerse but on closer examination this would not appear to be the case. 

Having welcomed the opportunity to provide views as part of the Draft LDP consultation process we were pleased when it was reported to us that the proposals for Airthrey Kerse had been withdrawn from the Proposed LDP.  However when examining the fine detail of the Proposed LDP we were dismayed to establish that the development of Airthrey Kerse was still being promoted, albeit under Stirling and specifically Causewayhead.  We fear that decisions will be taken by the Reporter to allocate development at Airthrey Kerse without considering the strong and clear local opposition to such development. 

We are concerned that future decisions could result in piecemeal housing development on Airthrey Kerse and coalescence between Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead.  Should any decision to develop this area ever be made in the future, the wishes of the local community must be considered with regard to the type and extent of any development.   

Bridge of Allan Community Council has previously objected to any development on the existing green belt between Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead.  This position, confirmed at our meeting on the 20th November 2012, reflects the views expressed by residents in the Bridge of Allan Community Action Plan  2011 - 2016.  The preparation of the plan involved extensive engagement with local residents.  More recent engagement with local residents on the proposals in respect of the Draft LDP has also confirmed the strength of feeling against development on Airthrey Kerse.

Specific concerns are the increased flood risk , the loss of Green Belt, the potential major scale of development, the impact of additional traffic on the existing village environment and drainage, including existing sewer capacity.

The Community Council accepts and would want Bridge of Allan to take its share of new housing in the area.  We consider that there are other sites that would be better suited to development.  For example, the Community Council has proposed previously, and we would wish to do so again, the area between the railway station and Lecropt Church with the proviso that the sight lines are preserved to Stirling Castle and beyond from the A9.  The area of this site immediately adjacent to the A9 could be developed to provide a car park for the Station with housing on the lower level.  This would preserve the sight lines and provide much needed additional parking in the vicinity of the station.

Bridge of Allan Community Council previously objected to the proposed Kildean Link Road, which would cut across Airthrey Kerse.  When the Link Road was first raised a number of years ago the Community Council objected on the basis of strong concerns amongst the community that this would result in Airthrey Kerse being opened up for future development.  We maintain our objection on these grounds.

In summary Bridge of Allan Community Council object to any development on Airthrey Kerse.  Should any development ever be permitted in future meaningful and constructive engagement should take place with the Bridge of Allan community in respect of the type and extent of any development.