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Proposal to lease part of the Mine Woods

posted 16 Aug 2012, 01:23 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 16 Aug 2012, 04:46 by John Boyle ]
On Agenda 21st August, please join the discussion in person or get in touch - email, twitter, Facebook.

Stirling Council are working on a proposal at present to lease the area of the Mine Woods east of the Copper Mine path.  The basis of the proposal is that the Scottish Woodlot Association will rent the site from Stirling Council and it in turn will lease the area to a Woodlot licence holder who will be a private individual.  The concept has been imported from Canada where it appears to operate with some success with small commercial areas of forestry where the licence holder generates income from the sale of timber.  This proposal could have major implications for the future of the Mine Woods.  The matter will be discussed at Tuesday night's meeting of the Community Council and we would encourage all residents who have an interest in the future of the Mine Woods to come along and join in the debate.  

You can view this proposal by clicking here