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My Role as a Community Councillor - Vicky McDowell

posted 20 Jan 2016, 00:19 by Communications TEAM
I joined Bridge of Allan Community Council in October 2013 for what was supposed to be only 6 months, however the role got under my skin and I just didn’t want to leave. Before joining I had been in touch with the Community Council as a resident when the 5 year Community Plan was being written as I had, and still have, an interest in flooding in the area. Flooding has continued to be a hot topic and at the end of last year I set up a Flood Group which operates separate to, but with the close support of, the Community Council.

The reason I didn’t leave the Community Council after my first six months is that it was quickly evident that it was a role where it was very easy to make a difference to life in the village. The local Council wants to hear the opinions and feedback from the Community Council and for this reason real issues can be debated and effected. The Community Council team have grown to be a well informed group who support each other through knowledge, discussion and action which makes the job achievable. I say this being a mum of two young kids who also works full time and has several other voluntary commitments. If you are wondering if you have the time to join the Community Council then I would say that it can take as much or as little of your time as you can give it and whilst every member needs to play a part it can be a small part.

An example of how it’s possible to get things done quickly is a project about reducing the speed of cars and improving the safety for everyone on Fountain and Cornton Road. At the end of 2015 myself and two others volunteered to discuss the issue with Land Services which involved taking the views of local residents, road users and the commitments of the Community Plan into account.The outcome will hopefully be evident by the end of March and will be a solution which was built as a partnership between us all. This has been a rapidly moving project where the input from the Community Council and residents shaped the solution.

If you are reading this and think you would like to join us but want to talk it over I would be delighted to talk to you. We need new members so as we can take on more projects to continue making the village a better place to live.

Many thanks,