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Mature Tree Removal - Henderson Street

posted 31 Oct 2016, 03:41 by Communications TEAM
Stirling Council have advised us that the mature tree on Henderson Street outside Lloyds Chemist is to be taken down.

The tree was inspected a few weeks ago and found to have an old wound around 2 metres from the base where a large branch had been removed many years ago. On closer inspection this wound was found to be hollow and the bark inside rotten for more than 50% of the trunk.
As the tree is classified as being in a High Risk zone, with the potential, if it falls to injure pedestrians etc. It has been deemed necessary to remove the tree.

The tree is scheduled to be removed before the end of November. Stirling Council are waiting until the Xmas lights were removed. 

Stirling Council will be looking to plant a similar tree in close proximity to this tree.