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Local Development Plan update

posted 24 Jul 2012, 15:33 by Communications TEAM
Questions have been asked recently as to what the position is with regard to the Local Development Plan (LDP).  We have received some clarification from Stirling Council regarding the process going forward.

The Proposed Plan, as opposed to the Draft Plan which was consulted on previously will be considered by the Council at a special meeting on 26th September.  If the Plan is approved at this meeting it will not be published until the week commencing 15th October 2012.  The period for making representations will then run for 8 weeks from 15th October until 10th December 2012.  

The next stage in the process after this is the more formal period of participation.  All representations to the Proposed Plan must be made in writing.  Any unresolved objections to the proposed Plan will be considered at Examination by a Scottish Government appointed Reporter.  This is likly to take place from Spring 2013.  Stirling Council will advise once the Plan is published in October on the procedures for making representations.  As to the Proposed Plan differing in any way from the Draft Plan, that will be a matter for the elected members and the LDP members group (internal working group) in particular to decide.

The composition of the Proposed Plan at the end of the day will be a political decision which will be decided by the new administration and much will depend on the growth strategy that they adopt for the Stirling area.  The Community Council will be monitoring the situation over the coming weeks.  In the meantime a representative for the Graham family has confirmed that they will continue to promote their proposals for the Airthrey Green Development.

Further information can be obtained at and information on development plan examinations at