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Local Development Plan - Update.

posted 6 Nov 2012, 16:08 by Communications TEAM
The Community Council will discuss a response to the proposed LDP at our meeting on the 20th November.

It has been widely reported that the Airthrey Kerse development has been withdrawn from the proposed LDP published last month.  Closer examination of the proposals would however suggest that whilst the Graham's proposals have been withdrawn at this time, development in the area has not been entirely ruled out.

HO56 which was the Airthrey Kerse development no longer appears under Bridge of Allan.  It now appears under Stirling albeit in a different form. The accompanying narrative is as follows.

Site Reference: H056
Land Use: Housing
Site Location: Airthrey Kerse, by Causewayhead, Stirling
PERIOD 1, Phase 1: 0 (housing units)
PERIOD 1, Phase 2: 0 (housing units)
PERIOD 2: 0 (housing units)
Key Site Requirements:-
• Any development here to be determined in a future LDP review, which recognises the fl ood risk areas, sensitivity of settlement edge and risk of coalescence. • Compliance with Development Framework for Airthrey Kerse (to be produced) and then Masterplan complying with Framework required.
• Flood Risk Assessment required. Development on the functional fl ood plain should be avoided. Water resistant materials and measures may be required.
• New primary school required.
• Development should provide for an enhanced Green Belt between Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead, including: a park, community food growing area, University of Stirling Playing Fields and link to the green corridor of North Stirling Woodland Park.
• An appropriate open space link should be provided between the Green Belt and Easter Cornton Road.
• To ensure the maintenance of the integrity of the River Teith SAC and Firth of Forth SPA, foul and surface water drainage shall be treated to the relevant standards of Scottish Water and SEPA.
• The Kildean Link Road is identified in the Local Transport Strategy and therefore any development of this site should not prevent this from being realised.
• Consideration should be given to the presence of the reverse S shaped fields on part of this site within the Framework and Masterplan.
• The very south easterly parts of the site, adjacent to Wallace High School are within the Stirling Bridge Inventory Battlefield site and consideration should be given to the need for archaeological mitigation.
• Land should be safeguarded as part of the framework for Airthrey Kerse to allow a road diversion and a bridge to be constructed to allow the closure of the Cornton Level Crossing.

It is suggested that there will be no development in the area until period 2 which is from 2024 onwards.  The Community Council had agreed that we would hold a public meeting to examine the proposed LDP with Stirling Council officers present to answer any queries.  Stirling Council have advised however that they will not be attending any public meetings on the proposed LDP.  In the circumstances the public meeting will not go ahead but the Community Council intend obtaining from Stirling Council answers to various points which have been raised to assist us in our consideration of the proposals.  One question which has been raised is "As the overall growth figure appears to have been reduced can the Reporter re introduce the Airthrey Kerse proposals as a means of re instating the growth figure".  The Community Council will put this question to Stirling Council along with others before our November meeting.  Further questions can be emailed to for submission to Stirling Council.
An online version of the proposed LDP is available at  It would appear that not all the pages appear on the online version but a hard copy is available in the Library.  The Community Council would encourage everyone to take time to examine the proposed LDP and feedback any comments to the Community Council which will assist us in preparing our response which we hope to finalise at our meeting on the 20th November.

In addition if you as an individual have concerns with regard to the proposed plan you should make your representations direct to Stirling Council.