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Local Development Plan - Uncertainty continues following Stirling Council decision.

posted 9 May 2013, 04:45 by Communications TEAM
The proposed Local Development Plan was unanimously passed by a full meeting of Stirling Council last Thursday.  This decision was taken after consideration had been given to making major alterations to the proposed LDP.  It was felt however that this would result in further delay, and without an approved LDP in place the area would be vulnerable to speculative development applications.  As a consequence the Council passed the proposed LDP without amendment.

A Reporter will now be appointed and he/she will, within the bounds of the issues raised in the representations, examine the appropriateness and sufficiency of the content of the proposed LDP.  The reporter will be looking at the overall housing land application within the proposed LDP and will come to a view of the adequacy or otherwise of the housing allocation.  If he/she considers that there has been insufficient land allocated for housing he/she will look at other sites which could include the original proposals for Airthrey Kerse.  It would appear that whilst we are not back at a "square one" position we are possibly not that far away from such a position.  What is possibly of greater concern is the fact that at the end of the day a single Reporter, not our elected Councillors, will be making a decision on the content of our LDP.  This is a document that will have a major impact on our community and communities across the Stirling area for many years to come.  Basically the decision is now out of the hands of our elected officials and this will be considered by many to be a very sad and concerning outcome for what has been a long and time consuming process. 

In terms of timescale we understand that if the examination commences in June it should be concluded by November with the Reporters report being available by the end of this year.