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Important announcement re the Memorial Park.

posted 27 Feb 2014, 07:39 by Communications TEAM
An outbreak of phytophthora lateralis has been reported in a garden close to the park.  This is a soil-borne pathogen which attacks cedar and cypress trees and results in the death of the trees.  There are a large number of trees within the park that could be vulnerable to this disease.  As a consequence Stirling Council are taking action to protect the vulnerable trees within the park and the public are asked to assist with this action.

As a precaution mats have been put down today at each entrance to the park.  Stirling Council are awaiting delivery of a specific disinfectant to put on the mats and this is expected to be delivered in the next few days.  The public are requested to walk over the mats when entering the park and if they are dog walking to ensure that their dogs do likewise.  The pathogen is soil-borne and it would be helpful if park users can ensure that no mud is taken into the park on boots and shoes.  

The park has many specimen trees that could be susceptible to this problem and we are seeking residents cooperation in this effort to limit the spread of the disease.