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Heritage Group meeting 2nd May

posted 9 May 2012, 07:03 by John Boyle
Please come along.
Meeting 2nd May, 2012.
  1. Present; apologies.
  2. Approval of the minutes of the public meeting held on 28th March, 2012.
  3. The structure and name of the group.
  4. Election of office bearers.
  5. Kenneth Ferguson’s paper.
  6. Election of the Advisory Committee.
  7. Election of two new Trustees of the DWEHT.
  8. Further sub-committees.
3.  The structure of the group:
We have been advised that, as the Dr W H Welsh Educational and Historical Trust is the legal name, we should retain it while the process of restructuring is carried out.  The name of BofA Heritage Group will remain as the informal umbrella title for the moment.    
4.   A chairperson, secretar(y)ies  should be elected to organise the Heritage Group.  
5.   A discussion on Kenneth’s paper, and decision on how to proceed.
6     An advisory committee to administer “The Dr William Halliday Welsh Educational and Historical Trust” will be elected.  This committee should number six members, initially including past office holders, Craig Mair and J Malcolm Allan, who then wish to resign when the new arrangements are in place.
 7.  New Trustees to regain access to the DWT funds from Mazars.
The advisory committee will work with the Trustees to find a more ‘modern‘ method of supervising such a fund, and to find future sources of funding for other activities of the Bridge of Allan Heritage Group.
8. Once the financial structure of the DWT is resolved, the real purpose of the Heritage Group will be dependent on the views expressed at the meeting, and willingness of group members to volunteer for other sub-committees/groups which may be set up, for example: 
(a) to develop further the rota of volunteers cataloguing the DWT collection to prepare for its digitisation; to organise regular exhibitions of the DWT collection in the Library;  to collect further materials and memorabilia to build up the DWT collection.
(b) to support the Chairman of the Community Council in the aim of finding a proper ‘home’ for the DWT collection in Bridge of Allan.
(c) to promote, collect and publish further local history collections and projects, such as a new history of the village, and/or to organise a public lecture on a local history project.
These ideas about how to structure the Heritage Group in the future are put forward for consideration at the meeting; any other suggestions would be very welcome.