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Giant Hogweed - Community Council take action.

posted 6 Jun 2013, 05:52 by Communications TEAM
The Community Council has become increasingly concerned with regard to the growing problem of Giant Hogweed in the Bridge of Allan area.  This invasive species has become established in the Bridge of Allan community particularly in the area of the Allan Water.  Last year a young child was badly burned after coming into contact with the plants in the area of the Darn Walk.  As a result the Community Council has launched a campaign to make Bridge of Allan a Giant Hogweed free area.

The Community Council are liasing with a number of agencies, local landowners and Dunblane Community Council to eradicate Giant Hogweed in the Bridge of Allan area.  The Forth Fisheries Trust have appointed a programme coordinator and project officer to work on the issue and we are working closely with them on the problem. SNH are to undertake spraying in the Kippenrait Glen which is an SSSI and this is effectively the area alongside the Allan Water between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane.  Stirling Council will continue to spray plants in the area when they appear on land within their ownership.  Network Rail have also undertaken to spray plants on their land but we are waiting to hear details of which areas are to be sprayed.  The Community Council are contacting a number of land owners where plants are known to exist with a request that they arrange for their destruction and the response to date has been very favourable.  The Haws Park area is already virtually a Giant Hogweed free area and this is thanks to a local volunteer who has sprayed the area for a number of years.  This proves that spraying can work over a period of years.  We are hopeful if all these actions are successful it will have a major impact on the problem.  

It is hoped by taking this initiative we can halt the spread of this invasive species.  We would appeal to all residents and landowners in the area to destroy any plants on their land.  Spraying with the readily available weedkiller Roundup is an effective control method if the plants are sprayed now and before the flower heads develop.  Remember at all times that the sap from the plant is dangerous and suitable protective clothing should be worn.  If any member of the public is concerned about the presence of plants in a particular area they should contact the Community Council at and we shall endeavour to have the plants dealt with.