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Flood Alleviation Options Report - We want to hear from you.

posted 27 Jun 2013, 04:37 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 11 Jul 2015, 07:31 ]
The draft Bridge of Allan Flood Alleviation Report was presented to the Community Council at our recent meeting and it is now available to the general public.   A copy of the report can be viewed by clicking "Flooding issues" at the left of this announcement then clicking on the report when the page opens (it may take a moment or two to download).

This is a draft report but it is envisaged that the final report will not contain any major changes.  Stirling Council are keen that as many Bridge of Allan residents as possible read the report and feed back through the Community Council their views on the proposals.  The report offers two options to prevent serious flooding in Bridge of Allan from the Allan Water.  

Option one includes reinforcing the existing defences alongside the Allan Water with additional flood walls at either end of the existing defences.  Flood resilience measures would be undertaken on 117 properties which would still be susceptible to flooding after this work was completed.

Option two would involve more extensive works which would set back the existing flood defences on the west side of the river towards the UCP factory.  The existing flood wall would be extended from the Fire Station down Cornton Rd to the railway bridge.  On the opposite side of the river a wall would be built round the UCP factory.  Flood resilience measures would be undertaken on 33 properties which would remain susceptible to flooding after this work was completed.  These properties would be at risk from the Forglen Burn which would run through the new wall which would be built along the edge of the Haws Park.

The respective costs of the two schemes are estimated at £2.5m for option one and £3.12 m for option two.  Both schemes would have an impact on the area of the community alongside the river.  Option two would have the greater impact as it would involve flood walls being constructed on the west side of Cornton Rd alongside the Haws Park.  It however would produce the greater benefit to the community by reducing substantially the number of properties which would be susceptible to flooding.  Full details are contained within the report.  The most relevant pages are the introduction on page one, pages 23-29, 46-48 and pages 58-59.

Residents are asked to provide the Community Council with their views as to which proposal they would prefer to see developed.  Comments and requests for further information should be forwarded to  The issue will also be discussed at the next Community Council meeting which takes place on Tuesday 20th August and the public are welcome to attend this meeting and express their views on the proposals.