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Community Council Rebranding - We need your feedback

posted 3 Mar 2017, 06:00 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 3 Mar 2017, 06:01 ]

Here’s something fun for you to help us with over the weekend and it shouldn’t take too much of your time. Bridge of Allan Community Council have been granted funding to upgrade our website in order to make it easier for us, and more importantly the wider community to use and engage with. As part of that exercise we thought it would be a good idea to spruce up the Community Council branding.

We’ve commissioned a local web designer & artist Alan Gunning of Nettl:Stirling who has been doing a stellar job of interpreting our brief as well as dealing with our wide and varied nuggets of feedback. The brief that was given to the designer was that a new brand was to reflect both the heritage of the village but just as importantly, the vibrant modernity of Bridge of Allan also.

Our problem is that due to our own indecision as well as many different feedback notes we now find ourselves spoiled for choice with many good and usable options before us. This is where your feedback will come in handy. We’d very much like you to take a moment to consider the various options and let us know which of those you like (equally, if there’s options that you don’t like then feel free to express that also). Don’t feel that you need to limit what you like or dislike to just one either as all feedback is appreciated. Also, if you wish to make any notes on a design please give us any comments you have on particular logos. All feedback is welcomed.

One of the main reasons we are upgrading the website is due to the lack of functionality to comment below news updates such as this very one so if we could trouble you to email any feedback you have to then we would be most obliged. The various logo options are below.