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Butterfly Survey Volunteer Required

posted 29 Mar 2016, 13:10 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 29 Mar 2016, 13:16 ]
Survey volunteer opportunity:
We will be continuing our survey work in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation to monitor Plean Country Park and the Fallin Bing/Wester Moss sites.  This recording then feeds in to the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme and is very  important to build a bigger, national picture about the health of not only our butterflies but the habitats in which they operate.  This local survey is definitely a case of every little helps, and we have some regular volunteers that help carry out the survey, but we are always keen to involve new volunteers.  Whether you are one of our regular volunteers, or would fancy learning or refining your butterfly survey skills then we would be very happy to hear from you.

You do not need to be an expert, and all we ask is that you are willing to take a walk for around a mile on a sunny day from April to September to count any butterflies you see on the way!  You can decide to do one survey, or more, it is up to you.  We will be providing a training session with Butterfly Conservation on Saturday 2nd April at both Plean Country Park, and Fallin Bing/Wester Moss so you can decide to survey just one, or both sites.  We will provide you with a survey pack and identification guide, and take you round the route to familiarise you with the site.
We then ask you to sign up for your preferred week for your survey (each survey should only take around an hour) so that we get all 26 weeks covered.  We will share contact details with all those surveying the site so that if something came up you could request someone else cover your week if you can no longer make it.
I am on crutches for the next several months so Butterfly Conservation have very kindly offered to take volunteers around the transect routes on the 2nd, so I am trying to find out if people would be interested in attending these training sessions.
If you can please get in touch.
If you would like removed from our mailing list please also let us know.
Jennifer Davidson
Countryside Ranger
Stirling Council
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