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Bridge of Allan without a Community Council!!!!!!

posted 13 Oct 2013, 08:55 by Communications TEAM

The fact that you are reading this announcement, as a subscriber to the Community Council’s weekly announcements, suggests to me that you have an interest in your community and in particular the work of the Community Council.  I am grateful to the hundreds of residents who subscribe to our weekly announcements through our website and on Twitter.  However this could be one of the last announcements that you may receive.


Community Council elections are held every four years.  We are fast approaching the 2013 elections with nominations having to be lodged by Friday the 25h October.  The Community Council has been running below its full compliment of 15 members for some time.  A number of members have now indicated that they do not intend offering themselves for re-election.  If new members do not come forward before the 25th October there is every possibility that we shall have insufficient members to meet the minimum number required to form a new Council. 


Bridge of Allan has benefited from the activities of the Community Council over recent years.  Your Community Council has been responsible for many high profile projects.  The refurbishment of the Paterson Clock, the Provost’s Lamp and the Fountain of Nineveh would not have taken place without the efforts of the Community Council.  The Provost’s Park would still be a desolate waste ground if the Community Council had not taken on this project in its own name undertaking everything from the design to raising the required funding.  Much of the Community Council work is unseen.  I have been involved in conversations and meetings with Stirling Council in recent days on subjects such as the painting of the Henderson St flats, the condition of the Darn Walk, the continuing closure of the Glen Rd. and further improvements to the paths at the Memorial Park, work which will start shortly.  We also have at present what feels like an onslaught of housing development proposals within our area.   The Community Council have already had contact from three developers re their proposals and the Community Council will consult and make known the views of the community to the developers and Stiring Council in respect of each proposal.  Would you like this activity to continue within your community?  If so we need your help.


If you value the quality of life that we have in Bridge of Allan and want to see this maintained, please consider joining your Community Council.


It need not be a big commitment.  We have ten monthly meetings over the year.  Don’t be put of by the election process as an election will only be required if we have in excess of fifteen applicants.   Nomination forms can be obtained from the Stirling Council election office at Viewforth Ph 01786 – 233099 or from the Stirling Council website at   In addition I would be happy to answer any queries from prospective candidates if they care to contact me at  or by telephone on 01786 – 834642.  Thank you and I do hope that we shall have enough applicants to ensure the continuance of what is your Community Council.



Gavin T. Drummond


Ph 01786 - 834642