The Friends of Bridge of Allan received recognition for all the fine work they have been doing in the village receiving the Queens Award for Voluntary Services last month.  There will be a presentation in the Memorial Park this Tuesday 19th at 2pm.  The Lord Lieutenant will be presenting the award. Provost Dodds who nominated group will be there along with the past Provost and other guests.

We are Recruiting

You still have a chance to join our team here on the Community Council.  We are looking for more active members to help is take action on litter, speeding, improving community resources, sustainability project, community events, supporting local groups and more!  Get in touch if you want to know more, see our post here for more details  We are also looking for paid minute takers to attend meetings and type up the notes.  Rate of pay is £40 per meeting.

Water Safety

Be aware of water safety during the hot weather.  Police, fire and rescue and Air Ambulance responded to an event last week on the River Teith on the Carse of Lecropt.   It can be tempting to go for a dip in a river or loch while it is hot, but swimming in unsupervised open water can be extremely dangerous. Open water can become very cold just a few feet under the surface and can cause cramps or Cold Water Shock. Very cold temperatures can also affect your stamina and you may find your strength and ability to swim deteriorates rapidly. You might find yourself getting tired a lot more quickly than you would in a heated pool.  Be aware and make others aware of the risks.

A pesky reappearing pot hole on Kier Street has been reported.  It will be patched pending further investigation via excavation to solve this problem for good.

Diseased Trees

We have been informed that sadly 6 Ash trees in the Fountain road carpark have been found to be suffering from Ash Dieback Disease.   Unfortunately ADB is likely to kill majority of Ash trees in UK, and once symptoms are showing there is no way back.  There is also a risk of structural failure once symptoms are showing.  The Ash trees showing signs of dieback will be felled in the near future.

We have a Troll!  We have received a number of enquires asking if Jordan Mahon is a “Community Leader” at Bridge of Allan Community Council.  His Facebook profile makes this claim and he has been making hateful comments. He is not known to us, does he even live in the area, or is a real person.  Any representation for Bridge of Allan Community Council will come from our official pages and not individuals, all our true memebers are listed on our website: .  His account has been reported but since on Facebook you can claim to work for any organisation you like there is not a lot we can do!

Henderson Street modifications

You might see some changes happening on Henderson Street.   You may remember the consultation that ran in Jan, many of you submitted comments.  We are not aware of any Feedback published from this event, but have been forwarded the latest plans for the changes .  Plan 1 , Plan 2, Plan 3, Plan 4.

The changes going head are kerb adjustments and buildouts, new parking bays, Audible locator devices will be installed outside Allan water Café and old Tesco’s to aid visually impaired users. Speed activated signs will be installed in the vicinity of the memorial park.  The indented bus stops however are not going to be removed.