HELD ON TUESDAY 20 June 2017

(Allan Centre)



Present:  Mike Watson (MW) – CHAIR (elected at the AGM on 20 June 2017), Sandra Davidson (SD), Janie Meikle Bland (JMB); Marie Gardner (MG); Margaret Sprunt (MS); Vicky McDowell (VMcD); Joanne Chisholm (JC); Leslie Harkness (LH); Michael Burt (MB)


Apologies: PC Gordon Currie, Ian McCusker (IMc); Siobhan Hencher (SH), Councillor Alistair Tollemache


In attendance: Andy Davis (Stirling Council); Lucy McCormick (notes); Councillor Douglas Dodds; Councillor Graham Houston


Abbreviations – Community Council (CC)


B1412  Welcome and Apologies

MW welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked DD for his contribution as Chair of the CC until he was appointed a Councillor and thanked SD for standing in as Chair in recent months.  Apologies were received from PC Gordon Currie, Ian McCusker (IMc), Siobhan Hencher (SH) and Councillor Alistair Tollemache.


B1413  No conflicts of interest were noted


B1414  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising

Correction noted to the minutes of the 16th May 2017.  Councillor Douglas Dodds to be noted as in attendance at this meeting.

The minutes of meeting held on 16th May 2017 were approved (Proposed: MG; Seconded: SD).

B1415  Police Report 


ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: On 23rd May a male was seen running around in bare feet, standing in front of traffic and attempting to open car doors in Henderson Street.  The male was traced by Police and charged with a breach of the peace for causing alarm to members of the public.


DRUG MISUSE:  On 16th June a female was found in possession of a quantity of herbal cannabis at Pendreich Road.  Following testing of the substance she will be reported to the procurator fiscal.


VIOLENT CRIME: There have been no reports of violent crime.




  • On 18th May money was stolen from an unattended bag at the gym at University of Stirling. Enquiries are ongoing.
  • On 25th May a male was seen by a resident acting suspiciously in the rear of properties at Cawder Gardens, the Police were called and the male was traced and subsequently charged with intended theft.
  • On 14th June a property near Lecropt church was broken into and property from within was stolen. Enquiries are on-going.
  • On 15th June a large quantity of alcohol was stolen from a shop in Fountain Road. Enquiries are on-going to identify the suspects.
  • On 17th June a high value mountain bike was stolen from a male who was camping at Cocksburn reservoir. Enquiries are on-going.




  • On 24th May a road traffic collision occurred at university of Stirling and the driver failed to stop and report the accident. The registration of the offending vehicle is known and the driver will be charged accordingly.
  • On 25th May a female was traced in Henderson Street driving a motor vehicle with only a provisional driving licence whilst not being supervised and having no valid car insurance. She has been reported to the procurator fiscal.
  • On 1st June a male was traced driving in Queens Lane. The male was found to be over the prescribed drink drive limit and was reported to the procurator fiscal.
  • On 6th June a male was traced in Fountain Road driving erratically. The male was stopped by police and he was found to be over the prescribed drink drive limit and was reported to the procurator fiscal.



Rural Watch Scotland


“‘Rural Watch Scotland’ is an extension of the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland movement and endorsed by  the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC) and Forth valley Rural Crime Group aimed specifically at the rural communities of Scotland and aims to bring all the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch to all rural communities irrespective of location, size or demographics.


Rural watch is an online community for any member of the public where appeals, crime prevention tips and safety alerts can be posted by those who subscribe which can be viewed by all members. Subscription is free and the sharing of information on the forum is a great example of real time crime prevention in action.


The objectives of Rural Watch Scotland are to:

  • Reduce crime and the fear of crime by providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Encourage people to think about safety and security for themselves, their neighbours and their community.
  • Improve community cohesion and well-being by supporting communities to develop ‘their watch, their way’.
  • Work in partnership with national and local service providers to develop more resilient communities that are better prepared against threats, intentional or unintentional, such as crime or extreme weather.


The experience of Neighbourhood Watch throughout Scotland and elsewhere across the world is that members of Rural Watch Scotland will be less likely than non-members in the rural community to be a victim of crime.


By joining the Rural Watch Scotland scheme members can receive alerts and advice by phone, text or email. By keeping members informed about crime and other threats in specific areas, Rural Watch Scotland can help prevent crime, keep communities and residents safe, and members responses to these alerts can help catch criminals or be better prepared to deal with other threats to communities. To join Rural Watch Scotland simply:


– Log onto

– Click the green JOIN button at the top of the page.

– Follow the on screen instructions.”


ACTION: Information on Rural Watch Scotland (noted above) to be put on Community Council Facebook page (MB).

ACTION: Noted that this is the second meeting with no police presence.  It was raised that it would be good to have Police presence at the next meeting (MW).


B1416  Financial Control Policies (MG)

MG drafting a Financial Control Procedure to be reviewed by the CC.   Two points MG highlighted:


  • Grant Funding (where CC raises funds on behalf of other committees).  As the CC is raising funds in their name, the CC is accountable and liable for them.  More controls need to be put in place, especially once the funds have been transferred to other committees, to ensure that they are spent in accordance with the agreed objective, and in compliance with any terms and conditions.  The CC should maintain some oversight and control of these funds once transferred.
    • Project budgets e.g. Christmas lights.  Again more control required.  Going forward a budget should be set out at project initiation stage by the project owner with status updates to the CC on the spend position, in particular any risk of overspend should be reported.  The year end financial accounts as noted in the AGM reported a £492 overspend on the 2016 Christmas lights.  Consideration also to be given to delegated authority limits.


For the Christmas Lights, a separate committee remains to be formed.  Currently, 3 parties are interested in forming this committee, supported by SD as the CC lead on this project.  JMB offered to support SD with posters etc.  Suggestion raised by resident was to raise money for the Christmas Lights at various events e.g. ‘can boxes’ at the Bridge of Allan Highland Games. 


ACTION: Christmas lights to be put on August CC Agenda.  (LH)

ACTION: Meeting hoping to take place on Wed 28th June at 7.30pm with sole purpose to focus on Christmas Lights.  SD to confirm location but likely to be Allan Centre if available. (SD)


B1417  Community Development Planning – collaboration with the University of Stirling and Developing our Active Community Programme (JMB)


JMB met with Cathy Gallagher (Director of Sport at the University of Stirling).  Overall, there was a positive response to the Marathon Fun Day. University was a good vantage point for spectators as they could see the runners entering and leaving.  Facilities which were free to use at the University were well used.  The weather was not great on the day but still an overall positive response.  There were some lessons learned for future years, including the activities available could be better signposted and the people who were there, were there to watch the Marathon and any ‘side shows’ were not that well attended, this was also evidenced at the finish line when the runners finished as they were keen to leave. 


The University are very keen to work with the CCs (Causewayhead and Bridge of Allan) to have a Saturday Family Fun Run on the campus the day before the marathon as this would be the best day for a Community based event.  


Cathy Gallagher will talk to her faculty leads about the possibility of incorporating community engagement in the curriculum.  CC very keen to open dialogue with the University on how the CC can work with the University and for it to be wider than Sport e.g. IT, student representation at the CC.


ACTION:  Cathy Gallagher to update JMB with outcome of engaging with the faculty leads.  Next steps will then be agreed. (JMB)


B1418  Roads and Transport (NY)

All work listed in the programme has been completed.  NY continuing to monitoring websites.


VMcD raised ongoing issue of Allanvale Road i.e. speeding, cycle path not clearly marked. 

Action: DD to log onto enquiry system.


B1419  Planning Update (MW)


Key points noted below:

  • A new planning representative will be required to take forward the planning given MW is now CC chair.
  • 2 Gordon Crescent – the CC have raised an objection on the grounds of access and parking.
  • A number of enforcement issues have been raised with the Council including 1) the signage on the new Turkish Barbers on Henderson Street. There is a meeting planned with the owners of the building and the tenants and 2) 79 Henderson Street and the fence which has been an enforcement for 6-9 months, Action: DD agreed to raise with Council.
  • Queens hotel – planning has been approved.
  • Red bins moved from outside Lloyds Pharmacy and has been replaced with seating and a planter which seems to be well used. Friends should be commended for this.
  • Bus shelter outside The Royal Hotel has been damaged and needs to be replaced (needs to be a like for like).


B1420  Chair’s Report (SD) – nothing to report


B1421  Treasurer’s Report (MG) – nothing to report


B1422 Secretary’s Report (LH)

  • LH wrote to Mark Fitzpatrick (Stirling Council) to thank him for coming to last meeting to discuss new parking enforcement measures. He confirmed he is happy to attend future meetings when he has more detailed figures.
  • LH received a letter from Ross Garland (Assistant Flood Officer at Stirling Council) to advice CC as part of proposed Flood Alleviation Scheme the council will be undertaking preparatory survey works which will include the use of a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey to be carried out June to Sept 17. Survey will involve accessing a number of private gardens and private land. Survey will be non-destructive and all land will be left in original condition. 
  • Inverallan Drive road surface concerns raised with Jim Hamilton, Stirling Council Area Roads Officer and David Crighton (Council’s Services Manager for Roads and Land Services. Response was prompt and full. Due to competing needs in terms of roads, Inverallan is not included in the 2017/18 resurfacing programme.  He is aware of condition of road but stresses other roads and streets are in a worse condition e.g. Blairforkie Driven and Pendreich Road.  Mr Crighton confirmed he is happy to share his current plans with the CC 


B1423 Resident’s Voice


  • Resident raised the concern of there being a lot of Giant Hogweed along Causewayhead road with railway on the left. Since Bill Sexton’s update at the CC, a resident association of Forth Park has been set up and 5 volunteers have come forward to help with the spraying.  This has been trained and funded by Forth Fishers. 

Action: MW/ LH to raise with this issue with Bill Sexton and Network Rail





  • JC raised ongoing concern about zebra crossing outside the Treehouse on Henderson St. JC was coming from Dunblane on 19th June in daytime, but car from opposite direction failed to stop so emphasised it is an accident waiting to happen. DD advised that it is in train to get updated.  The issue is also compounded by the hedge from no 49 and the wheelie bins that are placed nearby. 
  • JMB raised the point that it would be helpful for the CC to meet all of our new Elected Members. This would be in the interest of getting to know all of our Councillors and to present to them our community priorities and plans.
  • VMcD updated on St Saviours Church and their plans for extensive roof renovations. Unlikely to need planning permission but would like to make CC aware of the proposed works.  Once timeline has been confirmed, the CC will communicate.
  • Fracking – received a number of responses from other CCs in the vicinity. If CC were in a position to influence on that subject, there is an appetite for the CCs to work together on this.
  • MB hasn’t made a much progress as had hoped in relation to the re-branding of the website but it is work in progress and future updates will be provided.                 
  • JMB updated on active schools and is talking to Stirling Cycle Hub who has appointed a new community officer and meeting planned for 21 June about working together. The Cycle Hub is running some free bike maintenance sessions and is also hosting a ride out to Stirling to promote a safe and scenic route. Communications have been put on the CC Facebook page.
  • Adopting the Red phone box. Action: MG to email MW with further details.



Meeting closed at 8.55 pm

The date of next meeting will be 15th August and will start at 7.30pm.