A number of residents have raised concerns about the changes for traffic since the new railway crossing barriers were installed on Cornton Road.  On some occasions queuing traffic has stopped on the rail tracks.  This has been covered recently in the Stirling Observer.

Why was the crossing replaced?

Back in 2017 plans to replace the crossing with a road bridge were objected to by many, including the Community Council.

Cornton Crossing was due for renewal by 2020, and with changes in safety requirements, a like for like replacement was not possible.  The barrier work was completed in May 2021 with the aim to increase safety for rail and road passengers.  The crossing now includes obstacle detection measures, meaning that in the case of any obstruction the train will not pass through.  This safety improvement has come at a cost of increased barrier down time from 38 to 132 seconds on average per train.

Driving over the Crossing

It is very important that when driving this route you do not enter the railway crossing without knowing that your exit is clear.  So please be patient and be aware that vehicles in front of you may not move until they are sure they can safely exit the crossing.

The crossing has the latest obstacle detection technology that scans the area of the crossing to ensure that it is clear before trains are permitted to approach.  So you are not at risk if you do unfortunately need to stop there.

Impacts on the surrounding roads

Dealing with any impact of the crossing changes on the surrounding road network are the responsibility of Stirling Council.   The main impact has been for traffic on the north side of the rail crossing, where with turning vehicles and parked cars around Westerlea drive vehicles may need to wait.

The pinch point by the Westerlea Drive junction was visited by Stirling Council in November after we raised the issue with them.  Their response was that at this point the road is 6.4m wide which should allow for 2 way traffic and for HGVs to pass parked cars.  The current format and extent of the cycle way/footpath and road junction is required for visibility of pedestrians and cyclists by drivers leaving Westerlea Doad.  At that time parking restrictions were not considered necessary. However it was indicated that the situation would continue to be monitored.

The Community Council and Ward Councilors have raised the issue again with Stirling Council to bring recent events to their attention. 

What has been your experience?

What has your experience been of living nearby, walking, cycling or driving this route since the crossing changes?  Leave a comment or feel free to get in touch via contact@ccbridgeofallan.org.uk