Cityfibre Rollout Notice

Cityfibre Rollout Notice

We’re late to share this and we apologise for the delay…

We wanted to share with you that we will be undertaking advanced works in Bridge of Allan week commencing 27th May.

This is not our full build delivering fibre to homes and businesses. This is ensuring our full fibre is laid within roads and pavements before Stirling council undertake scheduled resurfacing works. If we didn’t do these advanced works we may have to wait a couple of years to provide fibre to homes in Bridge of Allan.

These dates may change a little depending on Stirling Council and progress however we felt it important to share as early as we could so you can advise your residents and members.

Attached is a letter which we are happy for you to share with your community or post on your website so your residents and members know what is happening, who is undertaking the work and why – there is also a contact number which residents can call should they have any questions.

As stated, at this stage it is advanced works and residents will not be able to obtain full fibre services from Vodafone. We will be back in touch once we are able to conduct the full build to each home and business to share the Bridge of Allan build plan.

In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Elaine Doherty CityFibre
City Manager

CityFibre 15 Bedford Street London WC2E 9HE t: 0203 5100 602

Glen Road Repair Fundraising

Glen Road Repair Fundraising

Dunblane and Bridge of Allan communities want to save their popular heritage path and NCN765 which runs through attractive Kippenrait Glen SSSI; for walkers, runners, buggies, health groups, cyclists and commuters. Urgent repairs and stabilising proposals still need £5000 on top of community grants we are securing to complete the work now. The attached link will take you to a fundraising page should you wish to make a donation to the campaign.

Review of Taxi and Private Hire Provision within the Stirling Council Area

Stirling Council are currently carrying out a consultation to ensure that Stirling’s taxi and private hire licensing framework, best meets local needs in 2019 and into the future.

We have two Surveys for Stirling’s taxi and Private Hire licensing framework – The closing date for these surveys is 31 July 2019.

    • The users and non-users feedback on their view of the taxi/private hire provision within the Stirling Council Area.
    • The trade’s view on the service and provision within the Stirling Council Area.

Both surveys can be found